Monday, 14 May 2018

Can a Healthy Lifestyle Delay Aging?

For years, modern countries have allocated the lion' s share of their budget on research for the fatal diseases that cause the most harm.

What disease are fatal? Most people will answer heart disease and cancer. But, Aubrey de Gray, Chief Science Officer of the SENS Foundation (USA) and a leading figure in anti-aging science reminded that aging is the leading cause of human death (Tempo, 24 December 2012).

Therefore, intervening in aging can prevent illness in old age. Before leading to death, aging has reduced human abilities to be productive and live the life.

Prof. Dr. dr. A.N. Kurniawan, Sp.PA (K), Professor on Anatomic Pathology Science at FKUI, Jakarta explained that, regarding to disease preventive measures, hormone therapy is important. He emphasized that women could take a hormone replacement therapy before they reached menopause, while men before their andropause. Hormone replacement can also be conducted in the productive age, starting from the age of 30 when the hormone production decreases.

Prof. Kurniawan suggested that women or men in their 30s who often experience an uncomfortable condition, such as headache, insomnia, ill temper, suddenly become forgetful, difficulty concentrating, should take a hormone therapy.

Those symptoms may indicate a problem with the hormone production. If the amount of hormone produced is low, the hormone replacement therapy can be taken immediately to keep the hormone level in normal balance. Unfortunately, there has been a popular misconception which correlates hormone therapy with an increased risk of getting cancer in the future.