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Wanna Pass Your Pre-Employment Medical Check? Check Out These Tips!

Future employees must endure a long process prior to getting hired such as administration selection, interviews with personnel or HR managers and the future employer (user), as well as taking psychological test and test of competence.

Once the process is completed, some companies may still require the future employees to take a final test namely medical check-up. Despite not assessing their potency or skills, medical check-up is still an important process during the recruitment.

Rendi (25 years old) shares his story of losing a job opportunity due to failing the company' s medical check-up. "I did well in the administration selection as well as interviews with HR manager and the employer. I also have discussed about the salary with the company. But I failed the medical check-up," he wrote in his personal blog.

The company did not give him any explanation concerning the failure, so he did not know for sure the reason for the failure. Meanwhile, he felt that he was in a good health condition.

Unlike Rendi, Haris (28 years old) has worked for a year and lost the opportunity of becoming a permanent employee due to failing his medical check-up. Indeed, some companies require their employees to take a medical check-up during the promotion.

Whereas for Maya (24 years old), she chose to give in to her fear upon receiving call from her dream company which required her to take a medical check-up in the beginning of the recruitment process. "I have diabetes. I was sure I won' t pass the test (medical check-up), so I decided to not come," she said.

Employees' Health Condition Is Important

Employee is an important company' s asset whose performance and health condition must be maintained. In the article titled "Employee Health Screening: Health Checks and Why They' re Worth Doing" published on Fit for Work page, Wednesday (8/6/2017), it is written that employees' health condition significantly affect the team work, harmonious relationship among employees, and also the company' s productivity.

Therefore, the medical check-up becomes the 'determining factor' for the new recruits. Through medical checks, companies will select the best assets--both for their potency and health condition--to support their business.

However, medical checks should not be a source of terror. Similar to other tests, one can also prepare for medical checks.

Generally, the medical check-up includes blood pressure measurement, urine test, blood test, X-ray (for both active and passive smokers), audiometric or hearing test, physical test, far vision test (eye vision test), color blind test, and near vision test. There are also companies which require their recruits to drug and HIV/AIDS tests during medical check-up.

Although this 'strategy' cannot be applied to all medical checks, maintaining a healthy body prior to taking the medical check-up may enhance the opportunity to pass the process.

First, try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Prior to taking a medical check-up, it is wise for you to avoid any fatty and greasy food. For recruits tend to fail the checks due to sudden spike in cholesterol or blood pressure.

Second, eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink more water to maintain your metabolism. You do not want to take the medical check-up when you are not in a prime condition, do you? Other important yet often overlooked preparations are exercising and getting enough amount of sleep. Schedule a routine exercise so that you can keep your blood pressure stable.

And the last, try to take a medical check-up on your own. Doing so will give you an initial description of your health condition. If a health problem is found, you can immediately anticipate and treat it before taking the medical check-up in the company.

However, it will be even better if you maintain the habit, including to take a regular medical check-up. Aside from the fact that health is an important asset for the company, it is also everything you need to live your life.

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