Monday, 23 October 2017

Becoming Familiar with the International System of Units

Critical value is the limit for laboratory test result value, it indicates a pathological condition which exceeds the normal value and threatens life when left with no immediate follow-up. Whereas the International System of Units (SI) is the international standard for measurement. SI is required when a patient prepares for a further medical treatment abroad.

In Prodia Clinical Laboratory, both are priorities since they are directly associated with patients' needs. As a clinical laboratory which puts forward the accurate result and service for the customers, Prodia has Critical Values guidelines and provides test result in SI when the patient uses a referral letter from a doctor abroad or asks the staff to provide the laboratory test for consulting with a doctor overseas. If after completing the Quality Validation (QV) stage, our staff find the result exceeds the Critical Value, they will contact the referring doctor so he/she can perform immediate treatment for the patients' safety. If the patient takes a check-up on his/her own or on the request of Prodia Customer Service' s doctor, the doctor responsible for the Prodia laboratory will contact the patient and suggest them to ask for doctor immediate assistance.

How to determine critical value and SI?

In Prodia Clinical Laboratory, critical value is determined by adopting several literatures acknowledged within the international scope, recommended by the clinicians, or agreed by both national and international health organization, as well as a result from internal study conducted through cross-laboratory comparison. Whereas SI is always renewed based on the literatures acknowledged within the international scope.

Benefits of critical value and SI

By employing critical value report, Prodia is able to provide an additional value for the clinicians so they can immediately establish diagnosis and treatment necessary in accordance with the laboratory result. SI is useful to harmonize the cross-laboratory tests, particularly necessary when the patients, after having any test in Prodia, would like to consult further with their doctor. Additionally, it is also useful in drug clinical testing.

From the patient' s point of view, Critical Value and SI is important for further treatment. If the patients condition is within the Critical Value, their doctor will be able to give further treatment properly to prevent the condition from getting worse. SI is useful for a patient who plans to take further treatment abroad. Test result given by Prodia can be directly used by the hospital abroad since it is not only based on the international standard and acknowledged within international scope, but also converted into the international unit.