Friday, 07 September 2018

Causes of Early Aging

Aging starts by the age of 25 and becomes more obvious by the age of 35 when the body starts showing signs like wrinkles and age spots on the skin, sagging face muscles, graying hair, gaining weight, slowed body movement, blurry vision, forgetfulness, and others.

According to Leonard Hayflick, anatomy professor from the University of California, United States, early aging occurs when the cellular ability to replicate decreases due to damage. In such condition, the cellular ability to produce new cells decline faster than the damage process. Early aging is dependent upon several internal factors namely: inflammation, free radicals, imbalanced hormones (encouraging deterioration of cellular ability to repair damaged cells), glycosylation (increase in glucose level), and methylation (resulting in genetic damage). Early aging may also be caused by external factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle and environment.

A free radical is by far the major cause of early aging. The free radical theory was first presented by Dr. Denham Harman from the University of Nebraska, the United States and is deemed as the most relevant theory for the cause of early aging. Once the core of the cell is attacked by free radicals, such cell will lose the ability to function properly and experience chromosome changes. This may lead to deviant cell development resulting in cancer.