Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Two Minutes Stress Reducer

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Stressed out? Be still. And take a deep breath.

Center Yourself

Focus your attention inward. Allow thoughts, ideas, and sensations to pass through your mind without reacting to any of them. You will notice them pass out of your mind, only to be replaced by new thouhgts and sensations. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly and watch the passing of the thoughts that stress you.

Empty Your Mind

Acknowledge that you have preconceived ideas and ingrained habits of perceiving. Know that you can empty your mind of distressing thoughts and replace them with ones that create inner harmony.

Ground Yourself

Feel the sensation of your body touchng the earth. Place your feet (or your bottom if you are sitting, or your entire body if you are lying down) firmly on the earth. let your awareness come to your point of contact with the earth, and feel gravity connecting you to Mother Earth and stabilizing you.


Allow yourself to feel your physical and spiritual connection with all living things. Remind yourself that with every breath you are reestablishing your connection with all of nature.

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