Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Encouraging Young Professionals in Yogyakarta to Live Healthy, Prodia Holds a Healthy Lifestyle Festival

All about Healthy Lifestyle Talk Show that was presented by Dr. Lani Heriyani

The urban community lifestyle becomes more dynamic due to the latest technology and trend. The current trend of a healthy lifestyle, such as carb diet and collective exercise with friends and family, becomes more popular. People, particularly office workers, enthuse to apply this trend for it will compensate for their lifestyle which is far from ideal. Sitting too long in front of the computer, consuming greasy foods and junk foods while meeting, and exercising less due to gadget addiction are new lifestyles ingrained.

The unhealthy lifestyle will lead people to health disorders such as eye irritation, low back pain, urinary tract infection, high level of cholesterol and blood sugar, obesity and even risk of heart disease, cancer and also diabetes. This can occur due to inactive lifestyle, bad stress management and consumption of unhealthy foods.

Yoga Demo by Noel Kriwool

Prodia Clinical Laboratory strives to increase the awareness of the young professionals to conduct an early medical check-up by the Brand Activation of "Healthy Lifestyle Festival" which involves the young professionals. The series of events consist of a pre-event "Prodia Goes to Office" which involves 5 offices started on 21 November. In the "Goes to Office" event, we held a healthy talk with Prodia to discuss the importance of a medical check-up, " Yoga with Yogyakarta" , an practical yoga which is adjusted to office environment, utilizing working chair and table, then it was wrapped up with eating foods together. Not only that, Prodia also provided free blood pressure, body mass index and total cholesterol tests. While for the big bang event Prodia Yogyakarta held it on Sunday, 27 November 2016 at the atrium of Hartono Mall Yogyakarta.

In that big bang event, Prodia will hold various events to support the healthy lifestyle for young professionals in Yogyakarta, started from Basic Yoga Competition, Dance Competition, Healthy Cooking Demo, All about Healthy Lifestyle Talk Show that was delivered by Dr. Lani Heriyani, and yoga demo presented by Noel Kriwool. Besides, there is a bazaar that offers healthy foods and beverages that are certainly safe for consumption. The event will be livened up by Jikustik and Batiga.

Special performance by Batiga

Reskia Dwi Lestari, the Marketing Communication Manager explained, the implementation of a healthy lifestyle such as exercise, enough rest, healthy eating and stress management is incomplete without the validation of laboratory test results because you won't know what happens inside your body, though you now look healthy. Therefore, it is important to have a routine medical check-up at least once every year.

This year is the third year of Prodia holding the Brand Activation in this city of students. Prodia previously targeted students, but this year Prodia will target young professionals to gain knowledge about the importance of the medical check-up as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

The main purpose of Prodia organizing this annual event is to provide an understanding about the importance of the medical check-up as a part of the healthy lifestyle. The young professionals tend to live a healthy lifestyle such as diet, fitness, running and others but forget to regularly monitor whether or not they have a healthy lifestyle.

Ronimatul Hayati, the Branch Manager of Prodia Clinical Laboratory Yogyakarta stated, we have decided to invite local businesses in Yogyakarta such as Yoga.karta, Livodietcenter, Kebunroti, Sweetsundaeicecream, 20_fit, Jogjaorganic, Memixjuice, Aduzisoap, Mylkaram, Conogelateria, Matchamu-tea and Kebunkita to participate in this event. Even the performing bands are also from Yogyakarta: Jikustik and Batiga. Why is that so? This is because Prodia Yogyakarta belongs to the Yogyakarta people.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

PRESS RELEASE Prodia Clinical Laboratory Extends Its Collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of Maranatha University

Bandung - In response to the increasing needs for health services, especially those related to Clinical Laboratory, Prodia Clinical Laboratory takes a strategic step by collaborating with the Faculty of Medicine of Maranatha University, Bandung.


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

PRESS RELEASE Are You Sure You’re Healthy? Prodia Holds Yoga & Zumba

Health is the quality of life that is hard to define and measure. Most people consider themselves healthy when there are no symptoms present. In fact, deep inside of our body a disease may be developing but not yet showing the symptoms.


Wednesday, 07 December 2016

PRESS RELEASE Officially Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, Prodia to Complete Its Network throughout Indonesian Provinces

Prodia is listed on the stock exchange upon setting the price of Rp6,500 per share and having passed the general offering process on 30 November - 2 December 2016.


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