Monday, 26 February 2018

New Branch Launched, Prodia Ready to Serve Sorong, Papua

SORONG, 26 February 2018 - In line with the vision and mission of becoming the Next Generation Healthcare Provider with its vast network of medical check-up in Indonesia, PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk (ticker symbol: PRDA) has once again launched a new branch of medical check-up clinical laboratory in Sorong, Papua. The launching was attended by Sorong Mayor Drs. Ec Lambert Jitmau, M.M., Prodia' s Prime Commissioner Andi Widjaja, Prodia' s Managing Director Dewi Muliaty, and Prodia Sorong' s Branch Manager Eric Sutrisno Parantean.

Prodia' s Managing Director Dewi Muliaty said that the opening of the new branch was hand in hand with Prodia' s commitment to provide the best medical check-up services for all people in Indonesia. "We are committed to providing the best medical check-up services for all people. Hopefully, this branch will be able to provide quality services for the local people," said Dewi.

Prodia Sorong will provide laboratory tests, both for regular medical check-ups and special medical check-ups. Some tests provided include hematology tests, chemical tests, immunology and serology tests including the tests for antigen and hepatitis B antibody, thyroid functions, dengue, malaria, typhoid, glucose level tests, HbA1c, fat, kidney functions, liver and electrolyte functions, tumor marker tests, reproduction hormones, biomolecular tests, osteoporosis tests, etc.

As one of the economic centers in West Papua, Sorong is considered as the entrance to West Papua due to its strategic location. Based on 2016 Economic Census on the Economic Power of Sorong City, the Life Expectancy in the city reached up to 69.36 in 2016. This was the highest in West Papua compared to other districts. The population growth of the city is quite high. The population growth estimation is 3.1-3.2%.

Additionally, in 2016 the medical service provision activity was quite common in the city, reaching the number of 6.81%. The operating medical services were not only limited in the form of Public Hospitals or Local Health Centers, there were also clinics and general practitioner services.

Prodia Sorong' s Branch Manager Eric Sutrisno Parantean added that apart from providing medical check-up service for the community, Prodia also aspired to have a collaboration with the local government, doctors, hospitals, clinics, and companies in order to provide a comprehensive medical services.

"Through the comprehensive medical tests and experts, we aspire to deliver the best medical check-up services for the local people," said Eric.

Sorong Branch is the second Prodia branch in Papua, located in Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani, Ruko Vini Vidi Vici No. 7-8 Kel. Klaligi, Kec. Sorong Manoi, Kota Sorong, Papua Barat. Earlier in November 2017, Prodia opened a medical check-up clinic in Jayapura, located in Jl. Ardipura, Ruko Polimak No. 20-21, Jayapura.

At the beginning of 2018, Prodia has provided a gene mutation test EGFR ctCDNA for lung cancer treatment. Moreover, in the previous year Prodia also launched ProSafe (non-invasive prenatal testing/NIPT), a prime diagnostic test to detect down syndrome risk during pregnancy, and Marathon Fit Panel, a medical check-up panel for runners.


About PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk

Prodia Clinical Laboratory was initially established in Solo on 7 May 1973 by a group of idealist pharmacists. From the very first, Drs. Andi Wijaya, MBA along with the other founders have been committed to present the best check-up result with wholehearted services.

As the market leader, since 2012 Prodia has been the only laboratory and clinic in Indonesia accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). It implies that the quality of the test result from Prodia' s laboratory is equal to those of international laboratories.

On 7 December 2016, the Indonesia Stock Exchange officially listed the initial public offering of Prodia as the 15th issuer in 2016, with the ticker symbol "PRDA" . In that corporate action, Prodia offered 187.5 million shares. Accordingly, the fund raised from the Company' s initial public offering (IPO) was Rp1.22 trillion.

Currently, Prodia has had the service network that incorporates 284 outlets, consisting of 137 clinical laboratories across 33 provinces and 119 cities in Indonesia, Prodia Health Care (PHC) - a personalized medicine-based wellness clinic - and specialty clinics, including Prodia Children' s Health Centre (PCHC), Prodia Women' s Health Centre (PWHC), and Prodia Senior Health Centre (PSHC).

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