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Clinical parasitology: a practical approach
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Cover not present Clinical parasitology: a practical approach
Category: Mikrobiologi
Pages: 320
ISBN: 0-7216-5187-9
Library: W.B. Saunders Company
Location name: Philadephia
Year: 1997
Note: Includes index
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CLINICAL PARASITOLOGY: A Practical Approach Covers everything your must know to identify the parasites that you see in the lab! All the guidance you need to perform, read, and interpret parasitology tests is clearly presented in this easy-to-use new manual. CLINICAL PARASITOLOGY : A Practical Approach thoroughly explores organism identification and familiarized you with the laboratory diagnostic techniques in use today. Each chapter discusses the different forms of parasites within a particular organism category. You`ll review all of the most common varieties of amebas * flagellates * hemoflagellates * malaria * miscellaneous protozoa * nematodes * filariae * cestodes * trematodes * and arthropods. Descriptions of individual parasites provide concise information on life cycles, epidemiology, clinical symptomatology, laboratory diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control, notes of interest, and new trends in parasitology. Detailed drawings, with structures labeled where appropriate, offer clear perspectives on those parasites` physical features. And, characteristics-at-a-glance tables help you to recognize the similarities and differences of the most medically important parasite forms. What`s more, a chapter on Artifacts and Confusers provides helpful comparison drawings of select parasites and their `look-alikes.` An additional chapter on Specimen Processing covers standard methods * immunologic testing * new techniques * and reporting of results and quality control. Outstanding exercises ensure your mastery of the information! Case studies in each chapter enhance your understanding by presenting you with a sample patient history and symptomatology * pertinent laboratory findings * drawings of the organism(s) that present * and a series of questions that probe you knowledge. The correct answers to these questions are located in the appendix. By reading the material in CLINICAL PARASITOLOGY : A Practical Approach and working through the case studies, you`ll develop the start-to-finish skills you need to successfully identify parasites.

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