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Handbook of haematological investigations in children
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Book cover Handbook of haematological investigations in children
Category: Hematologi
Author: Stevens, R.F.
Pages: 117
ISBN: 0-7236-1307-9
Library: Wright
Location name: London
Year: 1989
Note: Bibliography Includes index
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HANDBOOK OF HAEMATOLOGIC INVESTIGATIONS IN CHILDREN This handbook is a unique to the methods of investigating haematological abnormalities in children and the interpretation of the results. All tests in common use for children with suspected blood disorders are fully described and evaluated. Short case histories illustrate how the author has used and interpreted these techniques to investigate haematological disease in young patients. Adult haematology principles cannot always be equated to children. Normal value may be different, certain tests inappropriate, and some investigations traumatic. It is important, therefore, to have the emphasis provided by this text on the need for a systematic approach to paediatric haematological investigations, which encompass both common and rare conditions. The book is an indispensable tool for the practising paediatrician.

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