Thursday, 15 June 2017

Telomere Examination to Prevent Early Aging

Who doesn' t want to stay young? Although getting older or becoming old is certain, healthy life is always an option. There are many fictional films on TV showing people who always seem to stay young. Then, how can we obtain such a healthy aging or optimal aging? Surely we can get it by preventing the risk of diseases since the very beginning. Nowadays to attain such condition is very easy. In real life, we can do it since the earliest by knowing our telomere length.

So, what is the so-called telomere? Telomere is a repetitive sequence of DNA structure (tandem repeat) located at the end of each chromosome. For all humans, aging is the result of the decreasing number or function of cells. Every time the cell replicates, telomere shortens up to the certain point where the cells can no longer replicate properly. This telomere acts as a cap at the end of the chromosome which protects the chromosome from getting impaired and holds an important role in the aging process.

Someone' s health condition is also affected by the telomere length. Short telomere shows that there is an increasing risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Telomere reduction results in the increasing insulin resistance within the body. In addition, short telomere also allows higher risk of dyslipidemia (elevation of total cholesterol, LDL, and triglyceride as well as the decreasing HDL), which later may increase the risk of essential hypertension and the development of coronary artery disease. Short telomere can also lead to cancer related death, lowering the density of mineral within bones, and can also be associated with dementia.

Therefore, telomere examination is very important. By knowing somebody' s telomere length, you can improve the age effectiveness, early detect the chronic diseases, categorize the disease risks, monitor the lifestyle changing program, and also the effectiveness of aging treatment.

Examine your telomere length by taking the Telomere Analysis at your nearest clinical laboratory. When you have the Telomere Analysis, the telomere length of each cell in your body will be measured using your blood sample.***


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