Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Laboratory Check-Up Now at Your Hands

The development of technology has made huge impacts on someone' s life, one of which is the presence of various online services. These online services greatly facilitate consumers to make a transaction or registration. Using these, the consumers can skip a number of steps they have to deal with when having on the spot services.

Like banking, education, traveling, and fashion, the world of health now applies e-commerce too. Prodia Clinical Laboratory, for instance, now presents Prodia E-registration and E-payment features.

Prodia E-registration and E-payment

As the biggest clinical laboratory with numerous branches all over the provinces in Indonesia, Prodia Clinical Laboratory has made innovations in its services by providing e-commerce to facilitate the customers.

Prodia E-registration and E-payment makes it easier for the prospective patients to have the medical check-up in the Prodia Clinical Laboratory so that they do not need to stand in line to make a payment in the lab. Thanks to these services, the prospective patients can easily register themselves, choose the desired type of examination, determine the check-up location, and make the payment in their favor.

Prodia E-registration and E-payment are accessible through PC, tablet, iPad, and cellphone. Through this service, you just need to come to submit the online registration result to the customer service and have the sample taken for the test.

Starting 1 June 2017, Prodia E-registration and E-payment services are available in all Prodia branches*.

The Procedures for the E-registration and E-payment

It is simple to use these services. The following is all you need to do:

  • Choose the customer category. You can choose between individual, company, or doctor. Next, make a registration if you are not yet registered or just log in if you have registered yourself before.

  • Fill in your personal information. If you have ever done the examination at Prodia or if you are already a member of Prodia Customer Club (PCC), choose 'Prodia' s Customer' . If you are a new customer, choose ' New Customer' at the upper-left option. Having filled in your personal information, click ' Register' at the lower-right box.

  • Wait for the following display, which indicates that your registration process has been successful. Further, click here to have the verification email sent to your inbox. This will lead you to the next process.

  • Reenter your email address and passwords previously registered and choose ' Log In' .
  • Choose ' Start Registration Examination' at the upper-right corner.

  • Input the name of the doctor by whom you are referred to have the test. If you are not through a doctor, you are required to have the consultation with the doctor from Prodia' s CS before choosing the type of test. Click 'Live Chat' and consult to the available doctor. Done with the consultation, click 'Continue'.

  • Choose the branch you are about to visit to have the test and the date of the test. If you want to reschedule the test, you can just contact that branch. After filling in, click 'Continue' .

  • Select the types of test you are about to have. Click 'Continue' after choosing a type of test.

  • Confirm your choice of test. If everything matches, click 'Continue'

  • Confirm the test. You will have the overall review, starting from the personal information, the selected type of test, the time of the test, the place to have the sample taken to the total cost. You can now continue to the payment process.
  • Select the type of payment you are about to make. The payment can be done by Prodia Voucher, transfer through ATM, Direct Debit (BCA Klikpay), and credit card (Visa/Mastercard). Once done, click ' Proceed' .

  • After making payment, print the payment slip and the purchase order you have completed.
  • Show your purchase order and the payment slip to the customer service personnel in Prodia Clinical Laboratory.
  • Have the sample taken safely and conveniently by the phlebotomists in Prodia Clinical Laboratory.

Enjoy the easy service provided by Prodia Clinical Laboratory for you, so that you feel comfortable and secure in having the laboratory test.

*For further information, please contact your nearest branch.