Friday, 27 October 2017

An Amazing Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Intervention

"Human body consists of cells containing DNA which acts as the blueprint of life. DNA is arranged like a spiral-staircase. It will then be tightly coiled together to make a chromosome. At each end of DNA there is telomere, whose function is to keep the chromosome stable," said DR. Dr. W. Andralia K., MSc (UK), DLSHTM, ABAARM, Acp., Founder and Director of FMN Wellness & Antiaging Centre, and Asia Managing Partner, 3D People, UK, to SmartLiving.

"When telomere is damaged or shrinking, the chromosome will be impaired, cells will be defunct or mutate into cancer. Telomere length value is measured from the length of white blood cells (leukocyte telomere length)," added DR. Andralia.

Why is it important to monitor telomere length?

Throughout our life, cells divide themselves to maintain their development and growth. During the cells division, telomere is shortened. The process will continue up to the point where our cells can no longer divide themselves and become defunct. The length of telomere is associated with aging, a process closely related to various degenerative diseases (diseases develop along with the aging). Telomere length monitoring is important to read the description of the actual percentage of disrupted, dysfunctional, or defunct cells. Normally, a person in a good and optimum health condition has long telomere.

How does short telomere affect our health?

When we have short telomere, cells will experience aging and release substances which may affect our health. Short telomere may damage our DNA and accelerate the natural aging within the cellular level. The elderly usually have shorter telomere. For patients with short telomere, a therapy or supplement can be given to help extending the telomere length. The elderly who take special treatment may maintain their normal telomere length.

Why is it important to examine telomere?

Telomere disorder occurs due to extreme shortening. With extreme shortening, cells cannot divide themselves effectively which leads to DNA instability. This will trigger a number of unwanted diseases.

Can telomere length analysis improve our health?

Telomere length analysis has been a supporting information for someone' s biological aging marker. Several studies have revealed the relation between short telomere with degenerative diseases such as blood vessel disorders, coronary diseases, brain diseases, and cancer. Telomere length value measured from the length of white blood cells (leukocyte telomere length), will determine the appropriate treatment needed for various clinical conditions.

Why do we have to take telomere analysis?

Telomere analysis will help you understand your current cellular aging condition. Short telomere description indicates senescent or dying cells.

How do we analyze telomere?

Telomere Analysis does not require any specific preparation. It is performed by taking blood specimen from your arm, just like other regular laboratory analyses.

When is the perfect time to analyze telomere?

Telomere length changes every time. It may occur due to diseases, lifestyle, and environmental factors. For routine analysis, it is recommended for you to take the test every 6-12 months.

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