Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Are You Sure You’re Healthy? Prodia Holds Yoga and Zumba

Health is the quality of life that is hard to define and measure. Most people consider themselves healthy when there are no symptoms present. In fact, deep inside of our body a disease may be developing but not yet showing the symptoms.

Therefore, it is not enough to be healthy in the sense of no abnormality or disease. It is always much more important to be completely healthy or to have what is commonly called as wellness. Wellness is not just about being healthy, but relates also to physical strength, emotional health, and also happiness.

As health is so valuable, various precautionary efforts are required in order for any potential disease in the body to be prevented and treated as early as possible. One of the initial preventive steps that you can do is to have a medical check-up. However, medical check-ups are no longer enough now. You may also need a wellness test.

Yoga class with Anjasmara, with Prodia yoga participants filling up lobby yard at FX Mall

It is not easy to promote a healthy lifestyle to the community. That also includes having an early medical check-up, when they are still so active and feeling healthy. Looking at the reality nowadays, the community are not safe from the threat of many kinds of diseases. Say, the threat of degenerative diseases (the functional deterioration of the body organs).

Prodia Clinical Laboratory in Jakarta area tried to raise awareness among the community to have a medical check-up early on through Brand Activation efforts under the " Healthy Fit Challenge" concept, which involved the people of Jakarta. This series of events included a pre-event called "Prodia Goes to Office", starting two weeks prior to the "big bang". This year Prodia paid a visit to 2 offices located in a business area in Jakarta. During Prodia Goes to Office, Prodia organized an activity called 1-minute health check, consisting of tests on Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, and Total Cholesterol for free. The Brand Activation's big bang event, meanwhile, was held by Prodia Jakarta on Sunday, December 11, 2016 at FX Mall Lobby Yard, Senayan.

Anjasmara acting as an instructor of basic yoga for participants

In the big bang event, Prodia ran various sub-events to promote a healthy lifestyle among the community in Jakarta, such as Zumba Sentao Session, Yoga with Anjasmara, health check-ups, Talk Show around Healthy Lifestyle by Prodia and Anjasmara, Photo Contest, and the unmissable Special Door Prize. A press conference was given after the event and attended by a number of speakers, namely dr. Andi Kurniawan, Sp.K.O. (sports health specialist and CEO of Indonesia Sport Medicine Centre), Anjasmara (actor and yoga instructor), Dra. Ampi Retnowardani, M.Si. (regional head of Prodia for Jabodetabek, Lampung, and Palembang areas), and Reskia Dwi Lestari, S.E., M.M. (Manager of Marketing Communication of PT PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk.)

This is the 4th year of Prodia's Brand Activation in the country's capital. Prodia's main objective in holding this annual event is to promote the understanding on the importance of medical check-up as a part of the healthy lifestyle. Young professionals tend to adopt a healthy lifestyle like performing diet, exercising, and running but forget to conduct regular monitoring to figure out whether they are really living a healthy lifestyle.

Zumba Sentao is one of activities run during Prodia Jakarta's Brand Activation in addition to Yoga

Even the WHO reveals that in 2012 1.3 million young people died due to diseases that could have been avoided. In addition, the data from the 2013 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) shows that in Indonesia, the prevalence of stroke in the age of > 15 reaches 12.1% and hypertension in the age of > 18 reaches 25.8%. Ironically, the two third of the early deaths in adults are also tied to the behavior during young age (such as, smoking, consuming unhealthy food, sleeping less and having a sedentary lifestyle). This becomes a firm basis for Prodia to invite the young professionals to live a healthy lifestyle, including the early medical check-up.

According to Reskia, it is not easy to invite people to live a healthy lifestyle and have medical check-ups, especially when they are still so active and feeling healthy. Therefore, fun education is necessary to make them interested in applying a healthy lifestyle and having medical check-ups early on.

One of the activities at Prodia booth was body mass index testing on participants

"After all, they are the nation's next generation, holding a very important role for our country. Their health remains a priority. The healthy-is-cool trend needs to be created together for this nation's youth," she added.***