Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Check It Up!

Unwittingly, most of us often pay more attention to the maintenance of our cars than our own health. Think about it, we take a car check-up at least once every 3 months, but have we had a check-up for our own health?

- Feeling healthy or just fine

- Feeling still young

- No time for a check-up

- Too pricey

- Fearing that you actually got a disease

Those are the commonly used excuses when one is reluctant to have a medical check-up. Well, just because you aren' t sick doesn' t mean you' re healthy.

Do you remember the last time you and your family took a medical check-up? Perhaps it is easier to remember the last time we took our car to the service center than the date we had our last medical check-up.

To ensure the engine performance, a car must be checked and maintained periodically so that the broken parts found can be replaced immediately. Let' s compare it to our body! When we are not sick, we often feel reluctant to take a test, despite the fact that (surprise-surprise!) we do not have spare parts for our body. If our organ gets damaged or the function is disrupted, it cannot be replaced (except through a transplant, which is not easy nor cheap). Considering such a condition, don' t you think our body deserves to get a periodic medical check-up?

What is a check-up?

A check-up is a medical examination which is taken periodically to:

- know the health status

- detect the presence of common diseases

- know the risk of certain diseases in the future

The benefits of taking a check-up are to:

- prevent a disease development

- provide an immediate medication

- prevent or suspend a complication

- prolong the productive period

- improve the quality of life

- extend the life expectancy


Screening is a medical examination that is more preventive in nature. This test is conducted to observe health impairment risks without having to hear your complaints.

Test Panel

We understand that everyone has different needs, including in terms of having a laboratory test. For instance, the medical check-up for a 25-year-old is different from the one for a 50-year-old. Therefore, we introduce you to Young Generation Panel for those who are 18-30 years old, and Check-Up Panel and Check-Up Plus Panel for those who are above 30.