Tuesday, 04 December 2018

Take the Benefit of 20% Discount With e-Prodia

Take the Benefit of 20% Discount With e-Prodia

Take laboratory tests through e-Prodia and enjoy a 15% discount for all kinds of test conducted independently by Prodia’s team during December 2018. Also, celebrating National Online Shopping Day 2018, enjoy a 20% discount only on 12 December 2018!

How to place an order via e-Prodia:
Access e-Prodia via the website, Prodia Mobile, or chatbot Tania via Line, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger with the username

1. Download Prodia Mobile app from App Store or Google Play Store
2. Open Prodia Mobile app or website or Chatbot Tania (Line, Telegram, Facebook Messenger) to place an order online
3. Sign in or sign up
4. Enter your personal doctor’s name (if you have yet had any personal doctor, consult with the doctor via live chat)
5. Enter the city, Prodia branch, and the selected date for the medical check-up
6. Select medical tests
7. Select payment methods
8. The Booking Code will be sent to the customer’s email address.

For further information, please reach us through Contact Prodia 1500-830