Monday, 02 July 2018

National Drawing Contest 2018

National Drawing Contest 2018

Join the National Drawing Contest to win:

  1. Total 45 Million Rupiah for 18 winners.*
  2. 18 AdiKreasi, AdiCilpa, and AdiRupa Trophies.
  3. 3 laptops for 3 schools submitting the highest number of drawings.
  4. 6 tablets for 6 photos with the highest number of likes and considered to be the best by the judges.

National Drawing Contest Terms and Conditions:

  1. Theme: We Are Happy to Be Prodia' s Healthy Family
  2. National Drawing Contest starts from 1 July to 27 August 2018.
  3. Participant:

Junior Category: Students of Kindergarten and Grade 1-2 of Elementary School

Super Junior Category: Students of Grade 3-6 of Elementary School

  • Types and drawing paper sizes:

Junior Category: White manila paper sized 19 x 29 cm without border. Drawing paper will be provided and neatly cut by each participant.

Super Junior Category: White manila paper sized 25 x 35 cm without border. Drawing paper will be provided and neatly cut by each participant.

  • Coloring medium:

Junior Category: Crayons/oil pastels

Super Junior Category: Any coloring medium

  1. Drawings are made at home.
  2. Children must color the drawing, parents may assist their children during the drawing process or create the drawing.
  3. Each participant (family) may only send 1 (one) drawing for the contest.
  4. The participants fill up the Contest Registration Form with their family name. Registration Form for the contest can be obtained from the nearest Prodia branch or at schools which are in collaboration with Prodia.
  5. Drawings must be submitted in booklet envelope with the identity (Participant' s ID) written on the back of the drawing and on the front of the envelope.
  6. Participants provide their own envelope.
  7. Drawings that are damaged, folded, torn, faded, without clear identity, and noncompliant with the terms of the contest will be disqualified.
  8. Participants submit their drawing at the nearest Prodia branch. An interview and form signing during the drawing handover will be carried out with the parents (parents cannot be represented individually or collectively by the school).
  9. List of winners will be posted in October 2018 on Prodia' s website (
  10. Prizes to be given in November 2018.
  11. Family members of staff/employees of Prodia & Contest Committee are not allowed to participate in the contest.
  12. The judges' decision is final and not subject to further review.
  13. All drawings submitted will become the property of the committee. Prodia reserves the rights to utilize the drawings as educational or marketing materials.
  • Mechanism of Photo Competition at the National Drawing Contest:
  1. Participants for the Photo Contest are those of National Drawing Contest 2018.
  2. Participants take a photograph with their drawing in the area of Prodia Clinical Laboratory.
  3. Post the photo on Instagram and mention Prodia account (@Prodia_Lab), using the hashtags #drawandshareit2018 and #letscheckup.
  4. Participants must tag other 5 Instagram users.
  5. Winners will be selected based on the highest number of likes and the judges' decision.
  6. List of winners of this competition will be posted together with that of the National Drawing Contest 2018 and programs selected for the National Family Day (mid October 2018).
  7. Each of the 6 (six) winners will get 1 (one) tablet.
  8. The judges' decision is final and is not subject to further review.

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