Wednesday, 12 December 2018

CArisk - Prodia Genomic Testing to Identify Your Genetic Cancer Risk

What is CArisk?

CArisk is a genomic test that screens for 8 (eight) of the most common cancer type through analyzing 64 different genes using the microarray platform.

CArisk, help you to:

- Develop a treatment plan that is likely to reduce cancer risk in individuals who test positive.

- Design a personalized cancer screening program, tailored to individual risk

- Provide information for adults, as well as children as they become adults.

- Making decisions for Deciding for CArisk, as a personal choice if your family has a history of cancer or as a preventive and predictive action for an overall improved health.

What CArisk informs you:
- Your Genotype-related Cancer Risks
- Recomendation
- Suggested tests if you are at high risk

Your DNA can determine your risk for cancer. Based on your genetic results, the risks will be classified into:
1.High Risk
2.Potential Risk
3.Average Risk
4.Low Risk

What should I do if the result “high risk”?
- Don’t worry, it is not a diagnosis!
- It means that you have to be screened early or more frequently so cancer can be detected early. Early detection of cancer increases the chances of successful treatment and survival rate.
- Individuals with a higher rik of cancer can benefit from taking FDA-approved drugs to lower the chance of developing certain cancers.
- You can improve your life style because gene expressions are influenced by the environment, your diet, as well as your exercise regimen.

*Genetic counselor available with an appointment

The advantages of CArisk by Prodia
- High Quality. Experienced in advance lab testing since 1973 with international standards.
- Provided locally with excellence by the nation’s Prodia Genomics Lab located in Jakarta, Indonesia.
- Nationwide coverage (286 Outlets all over Indonesia). Anyone, anywhere, Prodia is reachable.