Monday, 21 May 2018

Healthy Lifestyle Is a Choice

Today people are confronted by TV ads. The hypnotic marketing of the ads, along with its amazing persuasive ability, is capable of changing consumers' behavior.

"Instant noodles, rice, donuts, and any other carbohydrate foods consumed excessively for a lengthy period of time will cause fatty liver. When you have fatty liver, a small cut of lamb you eat will raise your cholesterol level. When it happens, you will consume your cholesterol-lowering medicine. However, the big problem doesn' t lie in the increased level of cholesterol, but rather in whether or not the antioxidant will protect your body," explained dr. Phaidon L. Toruan, MM, a healthy lifestyle expert.

Fortunately, people these days start to open their eyes to maintain their health as the cost of treatment have increased significantly over the time. Many doctors now also begin to give some education on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Don' t wait until you' re seriously ill to see your doctor

Currently, people have too high expectation towards the BPJS. The community sees that the BPJS can make medical treatments affordable. Therefore, it is no wonder if now hospitals are overloaded with patients.

"In fact, the most important thing in medication process is to take preventive measures, such as by by adopting a healthy lifestyle, before you get sick. There are so many natural medicines that can help you. For example, to maintain your level of cholesterol, you can consume raw garlic every day. You should find the most fun ways to do that. You have to be comfortable with the healthy life," said dr. Phaidon.

"Another example, a patient came with clogged blood vessel. The doctor will insert a tent to unclog the plaque buildup in the vessel. In fact, this kind of treatment can be avoided if the patient cleanses the vessel. There are fruits that can remove blockage in vessel. However, patient should also consume less fried foods. For example, drinking 250 cc of pomegranate per day for 3 months can help you remove clot in blood vessel," explained dr. Phaidon.