Monday, 17 October 2016

Let’s Get Healthy with Prodia

Many assume that the office work is the safest and most convenient job. Nevertheless, you must know that office workers are still exposed to the risks of no less dangerous diseases than those of the field workers.

So, as the awareness campaign on healthy life and early detection, particularly for the office workers, Prodia held a community and media gathering along with Mari Kita Sehat Community, which is active in social media. All participants attending this event are the winners of the group photo competition held by Prodia on Instagram and some mass media representatives.

One of the winning groups for the group photo competition on Prodia&rsquo s Instagram

The event series began with free on-site medical check-up for all participants. The next was the talk show entitled &ldquo The 8 Occupational Diseases of the Office Workers' by Dr. Rekian N.S.

A participant having the on-site check-up

"The 8 occupational diseases are stress, indigestion, eyestrain (too much looking at a computer screen, more than 3 hours a day), backache, urinary tract infection due to holding urination and a little intake of water, hypertension, upper respiratory tract infection, and carpal tunnel syndrome or known as finger soreness due to continuous typing," stated Dr. Rekian N.S.

From the report of Prodia, it is also known that most old-aged people have hypertension. Meanwhile, it is more often that the youth have upper respiratory tract infection or eyestrain.

The atmosphere of the talk show with Dr. Rekian N.S

To keep away from these 8 diseases, Dr. Rekian gave some advice and solutions. One of the ways is by being committed to healthy lifestyle, e.g. by increasing your activities within the workplace, and having good time management to reduce stress. "The risk emerges within the workers due to the absence of self-awareness and good time management," added Dr. Rekian.

Dr. Rekian N.S is explaining "The 8 Occupational Diseases of the Office Workers"

Last but not least, it is important to choose the right place for the early detection of the triggering factors and the illness complaints. "We do realize that the early customer care to avoid the more complicated diseases is necessary, don't let the undesirable things occur in the future," added Reskia Dwi Lestari, the Marketing Communication Manager of PT Prodia Widyahusada.

"It turns out that a one-day experience in the workplaces contains many risks. The risks are not only those working in mines or field, we just don't realize it," said Reskia at Penang Bistro Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Saturday (15/10/2016).

Reskia Dwi Lestari - The Marketing Communication Manager of Prodia - is delivering the opening address

The awareness campaign on healthy life doesn't stop here. Prodia also holds an event entitled Prodia Healthy Employee 2016, which challenges the office workers to show off their health level.

For the office workers who want to join, it's simple. What to do is just attaching the ID card of the company and filling the form available on Prodia's page. Further, the selection is conducted based on the body mass index and the result of medical check-up carried out by the participants.

Isti Hardiknastuti - The Marketing Communication Assistant Manager of Prodia - is explaining Prodia Healthy Employee

The winner will be awarded IDR 25 million cash in total and having an opportunity to invite his/her relatives to have free medical check-up at Prodia. Let's register right now and be the Healthiest Employee of 2016! Click here for further information about Prodia Healthy Employee.