Policy on the Prevention of Insider Trading

PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk (“Company”) has developed Insider Trading Policies prohibiting securities trading in the form of shares, either upon that of the Company or other company performing transaction with the Company, conducted by Insider or parties having a specific relation with the Company. Insider of the Company is prohibited to trade the securities of the Company based on the Information of Material Fact which have yet been disclosed to the public.   

The policy aims to prevent any conflict of interest as well as regulating the Security Trading in the form of shares. Each employee of the Company having the access to material nonpublic information must not abuse their position to disclose the said information which potentially influences the Investor’s decision. Insider Information means the information that is not or has yet been made public, which potentially encourages an individual to purchase, sell, or withhold the Company’s shares.

Insider Trading Prevention Policy