Audit Committee

Audit Committee that is established and responsible to the Board of Commissioners in assisting the accomplishment of duties and functions of the Board of Commissioners, particularly the audit function. Based on the Regulation of the OJK Number 55/POJK.04/2015 on the Appointment and Implementation Guidelines for the Audit Committee, the duties and responsibilities of the Audit Committee are as follows:

1. Analyzing the financial information to be issued by the Company, which includes financial statements, projections, and other reports in relation to the financial information of the Company.
2. Analyzing the observance to the regulations in relation the Company’s activities.
3. Providing independence commentary upon the difference between the management and the accountant in relation to the provided services.
4. Providing recommendation to the Board of Commissioners in relation to the appointment of the Accountant based on the independence, scope of duties, and commission fee.
5. Analyzing the examination by the internal audit and monitoring the follow-up by the Directors on the findings of the internal audit.
6. Analyzing the complaints in relation to the accounting process and financial statement of the Company.
7. Analyzing and providing recommendation to the Board of Commissioners in relation to the potential of conflict of interests within the Company.
8. Maintaining confidentiality of the documents, data, and information of the Company.

The explanation on the duties and responsibilities, authority, and membership as well as the meeting of the Audit Committee have been included in the Audit Committee Charter. The Audit Committee can be reviewed and adjusted to the applicable laws and regulations.

Based on the Circular Decision of the Board of Commissioners and the Decision of the Board of Commissioners of the Company Number 08/SK-Dekom/IV/2021 on the Appointment of the Members of the Audit Committee dated 8 April 2021, the members of the Audit Committee of the Company are:

Chairperson: Kemal Imam Santoso
Members: Keri Lestari Dandan
Members: Sigid Moekardjono

Audit Committee