Corporate Governance Committee

Corporate Governance Committee is established and reports to Board of Commissioners (BoC) in helping the duties and functions of BoC, especially for supervisory functions related to the corporate governance.  

In general, the Duties and Responsibilities of Corporate Governance Committee, among others, are the supervisory responsibilities related to:

1. Corporate governance approach and performance
2. Orientation and continuous education for BoD, especially in governance aspects
3. Transactions among relevant parties and other matters involving conflict of interest

According to Circular Resolutions of BoC and Decree of BoC Number 004/SK-Dekom/X/2017 concerning The Appointment of Corporate Governance Committee Members dated 13 October 2017, the followings are the structure of the Corporate Governance Committee Members:  

Chairperson: Endang Wahjuningtyas Hoyaranda
Member: Scott Andrew Merrillees
Member: Lukas Setia Atmaja

Corporate Governance Committee