Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Prodia’s Clarification of the issue on social media (Jeng Ana Herb Clinic)

With regard to the news spreading on social media, Prodia would like to apologize for the service given to Jeng Ana Herb Clinic. At first Prodia served the requested examination by assuming that Jeng Ana Herb Clinic is a private health care facility (in the form of clinic), as mentioned in the Regulation of Minister of Health No. 411/MENKES/PER/III/2010 concerning Clinical Laboratory in Article 8 verse (1) point a.

We realize that this oversight happens for we have not investigated the truth about the status of Jeng Ana Herb Clinic. Currently we are asking for clarification from Jeng Ana Herb Clinic about the status. As of today until the day the license status is clarified, we would not be committed to any service for Jeng Ana Herb Clinic. In addition, the ' Doctor' column in the Prodia Examination Results should be fulfilled only by the senders who work as doctor.

Once again, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience, especially for the doctors, about the news. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.