Prodia Women

A clinic for women’s health management, designed to adapt to their needs in every stage of their lives, focused on providing gynecologic oncology services and helping women maintain their health thoroughly.

Your Wellness Home

When it comes to managing their health, everyone has different needs, especially women. At Prodia Women’s Health Center (Prodia Women), every woman deserves more specialized treatment. Prodia Women medical clinic is a testament to our steadfast commitment to women.

It is dedicated to women, helping them to keep full control of their health. The clinic has been designed with a feminine style and touch. When you walk into the clinic for medical check-ups, you will be greeted with a calm, homey interior and examining rooms that are so comfortable that they make you feel like you are taking a medical examination in a very special place. The tests performed are also personalized to your needs as a woman, enabling you to maintain good health in every stage of your life.

Our health offerings:

  • Medical Specialist Consultation
  • Women's Health Management
  • Premarital Health Program
  • Women's Immunity Care (Vaccination)
  • Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Pharmacy
  • Ancillary Services: Laboratory Tests, HSG, Colposcopy, Ultrasonography, ECG, X-Rays, etc.

Doctor Consultation & Teleconsultation

Prodia Women offers doctor consultation and teleconsultation to help you with your health needs as a woman.