Genomics Tests

Increase Your Prevention Level with Genomic Tests

Nucleic acid-based tests (molecular tests) that harness a variety of technologies: microarray, next-generation sequencing, MassARRAY, polymerase chain reaction, and first-generation sequencing, all available at Prodia Genome Center.

What is Prodia Genome Center?

Prodia Genome Center is a part of Prodia’s laboratory that is dedicated to genomic tests, consisting of various tests, from those designed to detect the risk of diseases, infections, and cancers to medical diagnoses and tests that recommend a healthy lifestyle.

Type of Genomics Tests

Early Detection

Screenings for particular groups, such as screening for chromosomal abnormalities in a pregnant woman.


Helps clinicians in diagnosing a particular disease.


Helps clinicians prescribe the right treatment for a patient.


Guides change in the lifestyle, giving recommendations on diet, exercise, skincare, sleep pattern, and stress management.

Risk of Diseases

Prediction of disease risk based on the genomic profile.

Risk of Hereditary Diseases

Examination of gene variants that pose a risk of hereditary diseases.

Targeted Therapy

Helps prescribe the right medicines, generally cancer drugs, to suit the mutation type of cancer diagnosed and increase the treatment’s success.

Why Prodia Genomics?

  • Validated and curated using Indonesian population database
  • Processed in-country according to international laboratory standards by a laboratory accredited by the CAP since 2012
  • Quick results since no analyses by foreign laboratories are involved
  • All services are available in all Prodia branches in 34 provinces across Indonesia, thanks to the reference laboratory system that connects all of them
  • External and internal quality improvement is regularly carried out
  • Genetic counselors are available for consultation
  • Data security is ensured—Prodia has been ISO 27001-certified

How Do I Register for Genomic Tests at Prodia?

Registration & Booking

You can register and book online via the Prodia Mobile app or visit a nearest Prodia branch or your doctor.

Informed Consent

You are required to fill out the informed consent form before taking a genomic test.


You can have the sample taken at the nearest branch or book a Home Service to have it taken right at your place.


The examination of the sample is done at Prodia Genommic Center using our best technologies.

Analysis of Results

The results of the examination will be analyzed and validated before it is given to you.

Final Examination Results

The results are given to you comprehensively and in an easy-to-understand format.


You can consult or have a counseling session with a specialist or a genetic counselor, if necessary.

Benefits from Genomic Tests Vary According to Their Types

Predictive Benefit

Predicts risk of diseases

Diagnostic Benefit

Helps diagnose a disease in a suspected patient

Therapy Prescribing Benefit

Determines pharmacogenomics and recommends targeted therapy that should be prescribed

Lifestyle Guiding Benefit

Recommends change in the lifestyle according to your gene variant to help you to live a healthier, more productive life

Prognostic Benefit

Monitors the course of a disease