Home Service

A variety of services by Prodia aims to provide you with greater convenience when it comes to having your blood sample taken by our professional health personnel at a time and place of your choice.

You can book Home Services via:

U by Prodia

Home service lab test. Now, it is more convenient using the U by Prodia app. Open the app, register yourself, find and book the tests you are looking for, then select “Home Service.”

Kontak Prodia

Enjoy a blood-taking service at home by contacting Kontak Prodia at our call centre.

Our Branches

You can book a blood-taking service at home by visiting the nearest Prodia branch.

Terms and Conditions of Home Service

The following are the terms and conditions for you and Home Service Officer. By registering yourself to the Home Service and/or using the Home Service, you agree to comply with the Terms of Use, such as to disclose your personal data.

The Home Service feature can appear following the terms and conditions defined when you access this service, including but not limited to those related to the types of tests, locations, and minimum booking requirements. This service imposes Home Service Charge.

1. The Home Service can be rescheduled so long as there are available schedules. Home Service Charge is not applied to rescheduling done more than 2 days before the initial schedule.

2. If the Home Service is canceled on the scheduled day for a reason, rescheduling can be done and shall be subject to Home Service Charge. If you do not wish to pay for Home Service Charge, you can have your blood drawn by visiting the closest branch of Prodia you have chosen on the application and showing the payment slip. The validity of the blood sampling or examination service follows the period indicated on the payment slip.

The blood is drawn in an open space, e.g., a living room, instead of an enclosed space, e.g., a bedroom. When the customer is sick, blood can be drawn in the bedroom with the door open.

1. You can chat with the Home Service Officer 1 day before the scheduled day.

2. You can see the location of the Home Service Officer once they are ready to go to the set location.

3. You understand that this application uses the data from the service and Google Maps content. By using this application, you agree to comply with the following Google Maps Terms of Services:

Google Terms of ServicesGoogle Privacy PolicyGoogle Acceptable Service Policy

Just like a medical procedure, there are potential risks in Home Service. By registering yourself to the Home Service and/or using the Home Service, you agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and the risks explained below:
  1. The Home Service is performed as scheduled, and the schedule is determined systematically. You must prepare yourself for the Home Service as scheduled.
  2. The Home Service Officer is obliged to perform the Home Service as they are told to do. The Home Service Officer may leave your location and go to the next location when you are not prepared for the Home Service and/or you do not respond on the scheduled day.
  3. By using the Home Service, you acknowledge and agree that you are aware of and bear the entire limitation risk.

1. If we know or have a legitimate reason to suspect that you have committed immoral practices, violations, crimes, or other acts contrary to these Terms of Use and/or the applicable laws and regulations, whether referred to in these Terms of Use or not, we reserve the right to and can freeze your account, temporarily and permanently, or stop your access to the application, including, third-party contents, offers, and/or payment methods therein, conduct an investigation, sue for damages, report to the law enforcement agency, and/or take the other necessary measures, including criminal or civil actions.

2. We shall conduct a follow-up action namely investigating and/or facilitating the concerned Service Provider to report to the law enforcement agency if we receive a report of your breach of these Terms of Use or your violation of the applicable laws and regulations, related to:

  • verbal abuse or violence, including but not limited to verbal abuse or violence over physical appearance, sex, ethnicity, religion, and race, that you commit against the Service Provider;
  • fraud;
  • physical abuse or violence you commit against the Service Provider; and/or
  • sexual abuse or violence, both verbally and physically, you commit against the Service Provider.

3. This condition applies otherwise if the Service Provider commits the above acts against you.

4. You are obliged to ensure that the information given in Home Service is accurate. We shall undertake no obligation to verify the content, currency, or purpose of the information provided by you in the use of the Home Service.

5. The use of the Home Service requires you to possess a basic ability to access the internet and implement general security measures. You are expected to possess the internet skills and knowledge required to use Home Service.