Wednesday, 07 December 2016

Yok Yoga Community and Media Gathering

Working in an office with loads of activities must leave only little time for exercise. Without you realizing it, the risks of many kinds of diseases may increase. Prodia Clinical Laboratory through the Community and Media Gathering this time invites the Mari Kita Sehat Online Community to practice yoga together at Gudang-Gudang Yoga Studio. Prodia wants to raise awareness of the importance of physical activities or exercises in the middle of work busyness.

Every pose in yoga trains the body to improve its tolerance for discomfort, and it may help reduce the stress that easily comes to office workers.

The event begins with a yoga class with Rere as the instructor for approximately 60 minutes. You will be guided to do basic yoga poses that can easily be done again at home.

Following the yoga class, there will be a chit-chat session. Rere as the instructor explains a lot about the benefits of yoga and shares many exercise tips to be practiced in the middle of crammed busyness. After that, the event is closed with all the participants having breakfast together.