Prodia provides various examinations, from regular and special check-ups to gene-based tests.

Genomic Tests

Nucleic acid-based tests (molecular tests) that harness a variety of technologies: microarray, next-generation sequencing, MassARRAY, polymerase chain reaction, and first-generation sequencing, all available at Prodia Genome Center.

Laboratory Tests

Medical examination of blood, urine, or other bodily fluids samples that can be used for numerous purposes, including health screening, medical diagnosis of diseases, disease course monitoring, and prognosis.

Non Laboratory Tests

Medical examinations that can provide more evidence for diagnosis. These include radiodiagnostic tests (radiological tests, echocardiogram, dental x-rays, and ultrasonography), treadmill tests, spirometry, and audiometry.

Test Panels

A group of medical tests is designed to provide you with more convenient check-ups adapted to your needs or conditions.